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Do you have questions? Cheryl has the answers. Click the link below for some common questions that couples like you have about your honeymoon. Don’t see your question, or want to ask Cheryl something else? Of course! Have Cheryl help you find your perfect honeymoon destination.

Why Should I Hire You To Design My Wedding and/or Honeymoon?

Not only is a destination wedding unbelievably beautiful, it is less expensive than a traditional wedding at home. Just ask my clients. I have an awesome history of designing the most amazing weddings and/or honeymoons for my clients. I can do the same for you as well.

So here’s the real deal: I know you are dreaming of a wedding on an exotic beach or overlooking the beach. Just picture the sun shining on the gentle waves on the ocean, breathtaking views, warm sand, and the wind blowing gently through your hair, and your friends and family are there to celebrate the love you two have created. Then you are off to the most fabulous honeymoon that you will remember forever. How does that sound? It can be you.

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Is a Destination Wedding Within My Budget?
Absolutely. The cost of a traditional wedding is approximately $20,000 to $26,000 and that doesn’t include the honeymoon. The average cost of a destination wedding is $8,800 and the average cost of a 7 night honeymoon is approximately $5,000.

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How Do We Choose The Perfect Resort & Destination For Our Wedding?
That’s where I come in. Since I have visited many of the destinations and resorts I recommend, you can have complete confidence that I will find the perfect location for your wedding.

Want to learn more about the planning process? Click here to learn about how we can work together to find the perfect destination for you, call (614) 679-2388 or email me.

How Soon Should We Start Planning Our Wedding?

The sooner the better. Many resorts will allow you to book your wedding as early as 2 years in advance.

Ready to start planning? Contact me and let’s get going! You can also reach me at (614) 679-2388 or email me.

How Do We Get Our Guests To Our Wedding?

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about that when you hire me. Once we choose the resort, I will secure a block of rooms for you and your guests. Then all you have to do is have your guests call me to book their room accommodations for your wedding. I can also handle the flights as well.

If you have extra guests or want information on securing flights and accommodations, schedule your free consultation with me here. You can also reach me by calling (614) 679-2388 or email me.

Are We Able To Make Payments for Our Room Accommodations?

Yes, both you and your guests and able to make payments, interest free, up to 60 days prior to travel.

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What Do Your Destination Wedding Services Provide?
Everything from helping with deciding on a destination and the resort, to being on call 24/7 during travel, for both you and your guests. I stay in touch with you during the entire planning phase. I leave no detail overlooked. I am very specific about what my services provide.

Click here to schedule your free consultation and get a detailed overview of how I can help you plan. You can also reach me at (614) 679-2388 or email me.

What Destinations Do You Design Weddings In?

I only design destination weddings in the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii. I’m an expert in these locations and I have worked with several resorts and hotels to design the most beautiful, unforgettable weddings.

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How Do We Schedule a Phone Consultation With You?

It’s very easy. Please use my convenient online scheduler to schedule your free 60 minute Once In A Lifetime, Romantic Destination Wedding Vision Consultation. During the consultation, I will be able to answer all your questions and concerns and give, in detail, exactly what my services include.

You can also call me at (614) 679-2388 or email me.

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